What exactly is “fernweh?”

As you read the title of my blog page, you’re probably wondering, “What exactly is “fernweh?” It’s a word to describe a feeling. It’s one of my favorite words. A word that a lot of you may be able to relate to.

This word is a German word, where the ‘w’ is pronounced as a ‘v.’ I love it because I come from a German background, both my Oma and Opa were born and raised in Germany, and I was lucky enough to have lived there for 5 amazing years. The German runs deep in this one. But this word, I think, is the most beautiful. With the most beautiful translation…

fernweh – the ache for distant places; the craving for travel

How beautiful is that? The ache for distant places. The craving for travel.

FullSizeRender (3)If you have ever traveled then you might be familiar with this ache. Once you step outside your world, go travel, and experience other places, you come back changed. And each time you leave and come back, you change more. You might even find yourself after awhile, getting this aching feeling inside you. The feeling that you need to go see and experience more of what the world has to offer, because this world has SO much to offer.

Moving to Germany was the best thing that could have happened to me. It’s where my love affair with traveling started. Our love affair is nearly 20 years strong. 30 European countries, parts of Asia, and Australia….. that ache is a constant pulse pumping through my veins. I’m constantly craving for the next adventure. The next corner of the globe to discover.

Before we knew other places existed, there was one tool that aided travelers in their explorations of the world (other than stars). The compass. It helped early explorers find where they were going, even if they weren’t sure where they were going.

Be like them in your travels. You don’t have to be sure of where you are going. Just go. Even if you’ve never traveled before. Even if you just travel to the state next to yours, or even a town near yours that you’ve never been to. The point is go. You won’t regret the places and experiences you’ve had. You’ll only regret the places you don’t see or the experiences you let pass you by. But once you go, I guarantee you will also find your “fernweh.”


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