Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Italy

I’ve been horrible about posting the last few months, buuut moving to a new country will do that to you. A lot has happened and after nearly 4 months, I think I’m starting to feel like I’m home.

I’ve lived overseas before, but that was a different country, and well, about 14 years ago. So, things are different here. Some people complain about the differences, I however, welcome them! Except the tile floors. My feet are freezing and a black dog shedding on white tile……… I feel like I spend half of my life now just vacuuming. I bought slippers and fuzzy socks, so I at least fixed one problem. My oven is also T-I-N-Y… tiny. It doesn’t fit a standard cookie sheet, but no worries! I just bought a smaller one. Like I said, things are just different. So, in this post I’m going to share:

A Few Things I’ve Learned Since Living in Italy

  1. Italians have their own time schedule. Things are slower here. Not in a bad way, just no one is in a rush. Sooo…. if an Italian says one time, just maybe tack on an extra 30 minutes to it.
  2. Riposo is never missed. Riposo is translated to “rest” and Italians never miss their rest time. You can be certain that businesses will close for 2 to 3 hours Monday through Friday. This took some getting used to because you have to factor this in when planning to go run errands. I, however, have come to appreciate this part of the day. It goes back to Italians aren’t in a rush. So, go sit down and have un mezzo litro di vino or un cono gelato (my personal favorite is pistacchio or yogurt), and wait for things to open back up. Nessun problema!
  3. IMG_7255Recycling is next level. In America, I had one recycling can and everything went in it. Here, I have 5. Secco (non recyclable dry waste), vetro (glass), carta (paper), umido organico (basically biodegradable, foods), and plastica e lattine (plastic and cans). My biodegradable food has to be thrown away in a biodegradable bag and just gets thrown in this big bin behind our house where it will be nice food for some bugs. I will say, I appreciate the way they take recycling seriously. When you go shopping on the economy, they won’t give you a plastic bag unless you pay for it. It’s a good way to get people to bring their own and help cut down on plastic waste. America could take a tip from Europeans in that regard.
  4. Wine is cheap and delicious!  I can’t express this enough! You may pay for bottled water here, but I’m fine with that when the cost of half a liter of wine is the price of one glass in the states. The wine is just also, better. There is a winery 10 minutes from my house and I go purchase 5 liters for less than 11 euros. If you love wine thFullSizeRender (10)e way I do, this is a place for you! It’s also acceptable to drink wine at any time of the day, so #noshame here when I’m drinking it at lunch at 11:30- 12:00.
  5. So. Many. Bikers. I’ll give it to them though, they make me feel bad when I see them pedaling up a hill. Every age does it too. When you see someone that is old enough to be your grandparent biking up the hill you’re driving, you’ll feel a new sense of awful about yourself.
  6. They have festivals for everything. This is no joke. There is a festival for everything. Pumpkins, mushrooms, you name it, but again I love it. Food, music, getting out of the house for a bit.
  7. You haven’t had pasta or pizza like this. And I mean it. Forget the big tourist cities, I’ve eaten there, and here in my small town, and they’re different. When you get away from those areas and off the beaten path or more local, I’m telling you, it’s magical. I love food, pizza has always been a love of mine, and they are doing it right here.IMG_7480
  8. Espresso. Italians love a good espresso. I’m more of a cappuccino girl myself, but I can appreciate the espresso. But lets be real, cappuccino is basically espresso with a little steamed milk foam and it’s delicious. Forget Starbucks (except PSL, I’m sorry I do miss that in the fall, yes I’m one of those), you want real coffee? Come to Italia!
  9. Potato chips are better here.  You may laugh at this last one, but seriously. There is just something about them! If you happen to come to Italy and you stumble across a Conad (a grocery chain), walk in and look for San Carlo potato chips. They are sooo much better than Lays. They are thicker and less greasy. I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.


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